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Year-round harvesting ...of Norway´s best mussels

This is where you will find the world’s best mussels, from the arctic north of Norway, with cold temperatures, absolutely clean waters, year-round harvesting.

Growing mussels is a relatively new field in Norway, and it is only during the last years that the business has matured enough to start commercial sales.

Arctic Trade Ltd is committed to exporting only the best quality mussels to selected business associated around the world. We work very closely with a group of growers in Northern Norway, and have exclusive arrangements for the sale and distribution of these products.

Primarily, we offer live mussels in bulk or cleaned, vacuum packed/fresh frozen mussels.
We sell only truck-load quantities (15 – 22 metric tons).

Please take a look around our web-site, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
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